Pacific Northwest Born and raised.
Logo nerd gone pro.
Baseball nerd definitely not going pro.
Corgsky dad and proud.

Michael Deschenes started Undrafted when he couldn’t shake a nagging dream he had while in the twilight of his college career. After reluctantly getting his degree in Social Sciences, he then started to learn the ins and outs of design. Reading books, watching YouTube tutorials, learning Skillshare, and taking on any small project he could to gain experience and learn the craft.

Taking that self-taught spirit, he started Undrafted Designs in the summer of 2016. Taking Michael’s love for football, he considered himself the Undrafted Free Agent of designers, hence the name came to be “Undrafted Designs”. In the end, you have to prove it out on the gridiron which he aims to do day in and day out. Helping small businesses turn their dreams into a rality through successful visual identity design.

creative — honest — responsible — good listener — goal-oriented —
creative — honest — responsible — good listener — goal-oriented —